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5 Best Apps to Post Vertical Images on Instagram Without Cropping

Image posting in Instagram social media can be fun but at times so frustrating, back in the days not quite long whereby the only format of image that Instagram supports was square image which has some limitation and most times frustrating and require modification.

In this post we are going to see how to post vertical image on Instagram without cropping or resizing,just follow along with the step to step that we will be given below on how to post long pictures on Instagram.

Great news as Instagram just announce that they will provide their user with different photos supported format such as landscape and portrait format but this is only when a user is posting bunch of images and videos in a particular post instantly. The work they did so far was encouraging but even at that you can not post vertical images on Instagram.

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Posting Vertical Images on Instagram

Two options are provided to you when you are cropping photos for Instagram:
  •  Landscape: 1.91:1
  • Portrait: 4:5

But even with this features that Instagram offered to their users they are not still that perfect when it comes to the resizing of images with their built-in features, there are some apps which will allow you to post vertical images on Instagram just with some few clicks.
Latest Apps to Post Vertical Photos on Instagram

1.No Crop and Square (Android) app

If you are looking for a way to post vertical image on Instagram without cropping the images then you have to give this app a trial to see how it works. No Crop and Square Android App will allow you to upload vertical images to Instagram the way they appear just like the image below.

The procedure to use this app is quite simple, below are the step to step on how to make use of this app.
  1. Firstly download No Crop and Square premium version
  2. Open the app and select the image you want to post on Instagram  
  3. Select filters and effects in case you want to beautify the image but its optional 
  4. You can also select from numbers of smileys, stickers, emojis and also 3D emoticons if you so dear.  
  5. Add all the images you need using the collage tile button. 
  6. Add text in different fonts, templates, resize and also rotate image.

Normally the app is free but if you want to remove the ad-supported on the app, you can just upgrade to premium version for just $0.99 at the time of writing this article.

2. Whitagram (iOS) App

Just like the previous App Whitegram does almost same task for iOS device. It allows the posting of full-sized photos on Instagram without requiring you to crop or resize the image. To use Whitegram iOS App download Whitegram (free) and after downloading open it and just select the image you want to upload in vertical mode and the app does the cropping perfectly with a white background for you.

Note: Make sure you select the image with the largest resolution when you are working with vertical photos.

3. Pixlr (Online)

Pixlr is an online image editor which can also allow you to post vertical image on Instagram if you really know how to crop your image to the right dimension. You can equally do this on any platform because this is an online tool.
  • Download Pixlr editor 
  • Just start by selecting image and cropping it to 4:5 ratio 
  • Proceed to upload an image to Instagram from your PC browser, you need to spoof it. Below is how your screen looks like when you are done spoofing your browser. You will notice the ‘+’ icon at the bottom to add a new image.

  • Hit the plus icon and add an image, then you will see expand button that looks like an arrow from either end.

  • Proceed by clicking the button which will post your image in the original 4:5 ratio portrait mode. You will realize that there are no borders in the white or black background. That is to say no more square images that can be annoying.

4. PhotoGrids for Instagram (Mac)

This lately known as Uploader for Instagram, PhotoGrids is total free for Mac platform which gives you access to upload and post vertical images on Instagram without any stress. Below are the guidelines on how to use this app.
  • Download PhotoGrids for Instagram (free) 
  • Upload photos in vertical mode by using the double-ended arrow button as shown on the image below. Do not forget that the aspect ratio should be 4:5 or anything closer to it. Then the App takes care of the rest action. 

PhotoGrid works perfect with Instagram provided that you are logged in into your Instagram account and it is totally free but there are in-app purchases which you can utilize to support the developer of this great App.

5. Gramblr (Windows)

Instagram just announce App for Windows tablet users which supported touch screen, you can easily get this app from Windows Store.

Lately Gramblr does not support vertical pictures but now a change has been made to their API which now supports vertical photos as shown below.

Gramblr is free and works on almost all Windows-powered machines not excluding 32bits versions. To use the App, you have to create a free account which verification of email ID is not that necessary. Just choose, crop and filters, add a caption and upload and post your photo to Instagram.

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Normally Instagram is created for mobile devices like Android and iOS. But it does not mean that PC or MacBook’s are restricted from making use of this social media. If you have been searching for online tool or an offline software, we have got you covered for your Instagram usage.

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