Thursday, 29 March 2018

Simple Trick to Check Who's Snooping/ Looking at Your Facebook Page

Have you logged on your Facebook account on different available device such as computers, smartphones and tablets to access your Facebook account to be updated online? There is no issue signing in your Facebook account to any available device but the problem is that, will you remember to log out after carrying out your necessary actions. If you don’t sign out that means the owner of the device will get full access to your Facebook account and your entire page and I believe you want to know how to tell who visits your Facebook page.

At times you may be wondering seeing some funny actions being performed on your Facebook account and your Facebook friends will be wondering whether you are the one carrying out those actions and that is the reason should find out who has viewed my facebook profile in the last 24 hours, to resolve this issues you have to sign out your Facebook account from every machine you signed in and you no longer use. Just follow along to see how to check who visited facebook profile.


Simply go to Settings > Security > To the device you logged in and after that you will see the list of the machine that you have possibly logged in, when we use to check our settings we discovered that we are signed in to over 17 devices and some of this machine were not even in the UK per say. But if you face same kind of issue facebook provides with far more than just a list of the devices that you may have possibly logged in your account.

With this feature provided by facebook to their users you can see the type of device be it desktop, iPhone or Android that you logged in with, the IP address to access the social services, you can also see the location and also the exact time the device was used to access your account. It is advisable to log out of every device that you no longer use to avoid placing your facebook account to risk.


In case you notice any strange activity on you facebook account which you are not aware of, you can possibly stop such activity so that you friends will not get provoke thinking that you are the one carrying out such act and to do that.

· Simply go to Facebook’s setting

· Proceed by clicking on “End Activity” option next to each sign in account and that will kill the connection automatically by signing you out and also disassociate your login from that machine.

· Using you mobile just click on the ‘x’ icon.


To protect your Facebook account in the feature to be able to stop those snooping at your Facebook page, and this you can do by setting up log-in alerts to notify you whenever some signed in into your Facebook account no matter the machine they logged in from.

To actualize this simply go to Settings > Security > Login Alerts on either your computer or phone.
If you are still not satisfied with this, you can equally build on these alerts with login approvals which require secondary approval before any attempted logins are allowed to go through into your account.

And to turn on the approval feature, simply go to Settings > Security > Login Approvals and turn this on. Once activated, login codes will be sent to your phone when you legitimately want to login on a new machine.
After all this setup or activation of the feature there will be a restriction to those you want to see your Facebook activity 

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