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Download WWE 2K19 Apk Data+OBB+Mod for Android Device

Many has been waiting for WWE 2k19 APK as is one of the popular 2K game in the world. Actually with the great features of this game when you are playing it, it will take you to the world of WWE with different game modes and characters. If you screw the web you will discover that there is a lot of WWE games specifically for Android device but WWE 2K19 franchise will be produced and launched by one of the most popular 2K sports.

As we all know that WWE 2K19 is the official game from WWE and the precious version was enjoyed by users all over the globe. The reason why the game was enjoyed by many lovers is due the features that the developers embedded in it. The features were so unique when compared to other WWE games. The main aim of this article is to provide you with the steps to download and install WWE 2k19 APK+OBB on your Android Device.

Download WWE 2K19 Apk on Android

Before we move on to downloading WWE 2K19 we will like to know some of the features that makes it unique compare to the previous versions of the game. This game is one of the best game with a very advanced graphical interface on Android device in the market. In this article base on the download we are going the aspect of WWE 2K19 APK+OBB and Mod, that can be installed in your device.

  • This latest version of WWE game which is WWE 2K19 APK will feature most of your favorite superstars like Goldberg, Undertaker, John Cena, Triple H, RKO and many more. That is to say you have the opportunity to select your favorite to play the game with.
  • Another interesting feature you may also like is where WWE 2k19 showcases is that, the backstage and the brawl moves will be different for each superstar.
  • The WWE 2K19 APK+OBB of the game features a lot of customization beyond your imagination. That is to say that you can also do some customization on your favorite superstar and on the ring too.
  • The latest version which is WWE 2K19 APK features the official theme song and original entry songs for each of the superstars. Presently in 2K19 APK, you will get new effects like Brawl moves and signature moves for each superstars have been added.
  • The aspect of multiplayer gaming is a sensation now a days and is not exempted. Apart from WWE 2K18, in WWE 2K19 the multiplayer mode is advanced and can be connected on Local Wi-Fi and around worldwide through the web.
  • The developers of WWE 2K19 APK is working tirelessly to deliver updates on a consistent basis and the users will be able to update from the game itself.

Download Links:

Install WWE 2K19 APK and OBB file on Android
As we all know this is a third party and it can’t be downloaded from the Playstore, so we have provided the download links for you to download and install WWE 2K19 APK+OBB files, just follow the procedure we will be giving below to download and install the game to your device and enjoy the rest of the story.

  • Download the WWE 2K19 APK file from the link provided above. 

  • After downloading the files move to a specific folder in your SD card and tap on the file.
  • After then the installation process will start off, but bear it at the back of your mind that won’t be able to play the game as this game needs the OBB file to be moved on the Android section.

Configuration Requirements to install WWE 2K19 APK+OBB on Android

There are some basic requirements needed for the installation WWE 2K19 APK and OBB files on your device and that what we will be discussing specifically in this section of this article. Once the requirements are met by your device then will you be able to launch the game fully.

As we mentioned before, WWE 2K19 is a game which runs on heavy graphic. So the OBB file of WWE 2K19 is necessary to run the game in your device. All you need is to download the WWE 2K19 OBB file from the below link and follow up the steps we have mentioned below.But before that, lets run through the required configuration for the game.

Just as we have mentioned earlier that WWE 2K19 is a game that is embedded with a heavy graphics, so base on that the OBB file is a pre-requisite to WWE 2K19 on your Android and which we will be giving you some guidelines on where to download and how to install it later.


  • For the game to work effectively the Android OS running on your device needs to be Android Lolipop or above.
  • The device should be of minimum 2GB RAM memory space or else it will crash as it’s a game with high graphical interface.
  • The processor specifications should of minimum 1.8GHz and quad cores for the effective running of the game.

Download WWE 2K19 MOD APK and OBB for Android

The WWE 2K19 OBB file will grant you some access by unlocking some of the characters and modes without much struggling. WWE 2K19 will give the permission to play the game in GOD mode, that is to say that you will be able to play as any character and can also perform some restricted acts like any move you wish.
  • Download the latest WWE 2K19 APK and OBB file from the provided link above as mentioned earlier.

  • Proceed by extracting the downloaded file to a specific named folder in your SD Card.
  • Continue by navigating to the Settings>> Security>> Turn on Unknown Sources, so that you will be granted access to install WWE 2K19 as its a third party game on your device.
  • Simply proceed by moving the WWE2K19.obb file from the extracted folder to Android/OBB folder. After doing that then simply install WWE 2K19 Apk file.
  • After following all the procedure successfully, it will get installed in a matter of seconds and now you will be able to launch the game by tapping the icon from Home screen.

Conclusion: I hope with the help of this post you be able to Download and Install WWE 2K19 APK+OBB for Android device.

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