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Top 5 Best Google Extensions to Stop Video From Auto Playing When Browsing

You open a link in a very new tab and before you'll be able to even go and begin reading it, you're frightened by the explosive blast of sound from that automobile taking part in video.

Sadly, additional and additional websites square measure selecting to auto play their videos as shortly as you open their page. In fact, some websites square measure even showing video ads that auto play. There is also any range of reasons for this like exposure, views, etc. notwithstanding what the rationale is, it's to a small degree annoying once videos begin taking part in mechanically, particularly with the sound. To influence that, here square measure some extensions which will block videos from taking part in mechanically (video auto playing).

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Why use Extensions?

If you don’t already apprehend, chrome provides you AN choice to mute AN auto play enjoying videos. Simply, right-click the tab enjoying audio and select Mute Tab. From currently on, the videos can still play however with no sound. but the draw back is, you’ll got to try this on a site-by-site basis. that is why, if you wish American state United Nations agency spends lots of your time reading many websites, it’s higher to use AN extension and stop all videos from auto playing enjoying directly.

Extensions to Stop Video From Auto Playing

1. AutoplayStopper

AutoplayStopper could be a tiny and light-weight extension that's comparatively new with simply over 6000 users as of putting this on ink and it will a reasonably smart job of stopping the videos from auto-playing. the nice issue is, once you put in the extension, it starts block the video autoplay instantly whether or not the tab is active or not, no configuration required. In fact, you'll see the quantity of automotive vehicle plays blocked right the extension icon.

If you would like to decide and select which internet sites can auto play video and that can’t either quickly or for good by putting in exceptions. simply click on the extension icon then choose either “Allow auto play for” or “Allow session auto play for.” to feature or take away additional exceptions you'll attend the settings panel by choosing the “Settings” choice within the extension choice. within the settings panel, apart from adding or removing exceptions, the extension conjointly provides you the flexibility to feature user scripts directly from the Chrome dev tools panel. simply choose the checkbox “Devtools panel” and you'll see a replacement “AutoplayStopper” faucet within the dev tools panel.

If you're searching for a straightforward application with straightforward settings and usefulness then provide AutoplayStopper a strive.

2. Video Autoplay Blocker

While AutoplayStopper blocks video autoplay and provides you Associate in Nursing choice to add exceptions and user scripts, Video Autoplay Blocker is far less complicated in what it will. It simply mechanically blocks any video that starts to mechanically play despite whether or not the tab is focussed or not. once a video is blocked from autoplay, the extension displays a hanging black text in capital letters on red background belongings you recognize constant and telling you what to try and do so as to play the video. i.e, simply click on the video.

The extension offers no choices whatever. It simply sits within the prime corner of your screen and will the duty because it ought to. As you'll guess, the shortage of any choices suggests that you can't add exceptions otherwise you can’t even briefly disable the extension. To disable the extension, you've got to manually move to the extensions page and disable it from there.

This may not be a tangle if you don’t mind lack of configuration choices however will be to a small degree annoying if you ever have to be compelled to enable autoplay on sure sites. aside from that, the extension is pretty sensible at what it will.

3. HTML5 Video Autoplay Blocker

As you'll tell from the name itself, HTML5 Video Autoplay Blocker is specially designed to dam, well, HTML5 videos. Since chrome already restricts Flash to go by default and most websites and services being switched to HTML5, you don’t ought to worry an excessive amount of concerning the HTML5 limitation. similar to AutoplayStopper, the extension desires no configuration and stops any auto-playing video by default.

When a video is blocked from autoplay, the extension adds a color background to dam the video fingernail or image. this is often quite useful if you don’t wish to be distracted by the video thumbnails. To play the video, all you have got to try to to is click anyplace within the player and you're sensible to travel.

The good factor concerning HTML5 Video Autoplay Blocker is that not like Video Autoplay Blocker, it's AN choices panel wherever you'll whitelist sites you wish to motorcar play videos. By default, the extension whitelists YouTube, Vimeo, and Netflix. within the same choices panel, you'll customise what color to seem because the background and transparency to fulfill your style. as an example, only for the demonstration purpose I modify the colour to red and set the transparency to zero p.c.

Of course, this is often not the default color and transparency setting. So, provide the extension a attempt to see if it fits your desires.

4. Video Blocker

Video Blocker will what's say can kill that it blocks any videos from auto-playing whether or not the tab is targeted or not. a bit like different extensions, the extension wants no configuration. In fact, there's nearly no separate choices panel for you to set up. you only have 2 choices, the primary one is to disable the extension and therefore the other allows you to whitelist this web site you're visiting.

To whitelist an internet site, merely navigate to the tab wherever the video is blocked, click on the extension and choose the choice “Allow videos on.” If you would like to dam video once more from taking part in back, all you have got to try and do is choose the choice “Block video on” option. By default, YouTube is whitelisted thus you don’t ought to worry if you're like ME and like to hear video podcasts whereas doing all of your work.

Just like the higher than extensions, Video Blocker clearly indicates once a video is blocked. The extension displays its emblem with an enormous black border. in contrast to HTML5 Video Autoplay Blocker, if you would like to, play the video you have got to click on the emblem. Otherwise, the video won’t play. Of course, the programme isn't the best however it gets the task done because it ought to. So, attempt the extension and see however you wish it.

5. Stop Autoplay for Youtube

As you'll be able to tell from the name itself, Stop Autoplay for Youtube is specifically designed for YouTube. If you're an important YouTube user and searching to specifically block YouTube from enjoying videos mechanically after you click on a video then this extension is for you. The extension is incredibly straightforward and rather like Video Autoplay Blocker, it doesn’t provide any choices whatever. It do i factor and will it well. Install the extension and you're smart to travel.

So, if you're simply trying to dam YouTube videos from auto-playing then this extension is for you.

That’s it for currently. If you think that I incomprehensible any of excellent extension that block video from auto-playing then comment below and share them with community member to benefit.

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