Tuesday, 30 January 2018

How to Add a URL to a Page to Submit to Digg may be a social bookmarking web site that enables you to submit the URLs for the fascinating pages that you just notice on the net to an oversized searchable directory. once alternative users get pleasure from a writing, they click the "Digg" button to feature votes. A page that receives an oversized range of votes in an exceedingly short time is also featured on the front page of the web site or on its weekly "Diggnation" podcast. Submit a page to Digg to push your own web site or attract attention to a different fascinating page that you just have discovered.

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Procedure on How to Add a URL to a Page to Submit to Digg

1. Navigate in your browser to, and click on the blue "Login" button within the upper-right corner of the page. sort your Digg username and secret, or click the "Create One" link and follow the directions to form a replacement account.

2. Click the inexperienced "Submit Link" button within the upper-left corner of the page.

3. Sort the complete address of the page that you just wish to meet up with Digg, like "" Digg mechanically retrieves the page, displaying its title and outline.

4. Click and kind within the "Title" and "Description" fields to change the page title and outline that Digg can show for the page. If the title and outline area unit long, you will would like to change these fields to catch readers' attention or add keyword density.

5. Click the "Choose Topic" computer menu, and choose the subject of the page that you just area unit submitting, like Technology or Sports.

6. Click the "Digg It!" button to submit the page to Digg.


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