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Ways on How to Undo Sent Emails on Gmail for PC, iOS and Android Device

In life everyone is liable to make mistake in one way or the other unknowingly and this is inevitable as is somehow part of life to make mistake like it or leave it. While sending some emails via Gmail there could possibly be a lot of mistake been made either by typing in a haste just to deliver a very crucial information and some of this misspelling or grammatical could somehow look so embarrassing.

In case you have already sent an email that is containing lots of mistakes or grammatical errors par say, you can reverse the process with Gmail and correct all your mistakes or errors been made in either in a cause of been in a haste or whatever the condition may be.

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One of the most interesting thing I like about Gmail is that, it allows you to undo sent messages and also this feature is not limited to PC user alone as you can access undo send feature of Gmail right on your mobile device provided that you have Gmail app installed on your device.
Below is the step-by-step guide on how to enable undo send Gmail on PC, iOS, and Android.

How to Enable Undo Send Emails For Gmail on PC

  1. Simply login to your Gmail account & on the top-right click the gear icon.
  2. Proceed to Settings. Immediately under the General tab scroll down to Undo Send, this feature is usually deactivated by default.
  3. Move to the drop-down menu, select the amount of time that you want to access the undo feature by hitting Send. For instance, if you select 20 seconds then you can undo sent message on Gmail up to 20 seconds after sending an email.
  4. Next, scroll to the bottom of the screen to save changes or without this the feature wouldn’t be activated.
  5. Finally, to test the feature just try sending a test email. In the process the Undo option should appear right next to the notification “Your message has been sent.” Press Undo.

Undo Send Gmail on iOS Devices

To achieve this task simply open up Gmail app on your iPhone or iPad to be precise as both are iOS products. In case you do not have the app before now you can search the App Store to download and install it. Bear it in mind that this feature works on both forms of Google Mail apps- Gmail & Inbox by Gmail- both are supported by Google, Inc.
  1. Simply compose a new email or continue writing from drafts, when you are done with the composition just press send.
  2. In case you want to make any changes if the need arise, ensure to hit ‘Undo‘which shows up at the bottom of the screen right after the message has been sent away to the receiver.
  3. You may need to edit the address areas: To, BCC, CC, Subject line, change salutation, and edit fonts or add attachments if required but it all depends on you.

Undo Send Gmail on Android Devices

Android device is also not excluded in our case study but normally android device normally comes with Gmail as it defaults app for the purpose of sending and receiving mails and due to this, the feature to Undo Sent Emails is somehow not allowed but don’t lose hope at all as we walk through the procedure below to see how this will be done in an android device
  1. Simply click on the three horizontal bars in the top left within the Gmail app.
  2. Then proceed to Select Settings.
  3. On the next page click on General settings, scroll down the screen to find the section Action Confirmations.
  4. Action Confirmations will have three options- Confirm before deleting, confirm before archiving, and Confirm before sending. Check-mark the last option and proceed by hitting the back button.
  5. Next, simply compose and try to send a test email. A pop up confirms if you want to “Send this message?” will show up.
  6. Finally, press OK to send or Cancel to stop and make appropriate edits before finally sending away the email.
When the feature is enabled you will be able to recall sent emails on Gmail.

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