Tuesday, 23 January 2018

How to Resume Expired link/ Resume Downloads Link in UC Browser

Are you UC Browser user and you mostly prefer the due to some reasonable features well known to you and that why you find the browser more significant to you. But have you ever notice while downloading a file and you get stuck in the middle? If your answer is yes, then this tutorial is meant for you on how to resume expired link / Resume Downloads link in UC Browser.

This issue has become is the most common problem encounter irrespective of the browser you are using while browsing or downloading a file from the internet. Just as I said earlier most mobile device prefer the usage of UC Browser for surfing and downloading on the net due to the browser due the browser lightning fast and web page compression technology that allows users to load web pages at much higher speed as compared to its competitor one’s like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


In this course of this article we will review the secret on how to Resume expired link / Resume Downloads Link in UC Browser.
How to Resume Expired link / Resume Downloading Link in UC Browser
1. Mandatory Open UC Browser on your device as required and then go to Downloads -> There tap on the file for which the download link is expired and then you get more information about the file -> In there you will be able to see the download page link -> Just copy that particular download link and open that link once again in new tab.

2. Now what will happen is that a new download will start and during the download window just rename the file. Wait till your file gets downloaded till 300-400kb and then pause your download and also close your UC Browser.

3. After this procedure just open your device file manager and go to UCDownloads folder -> There you will see the old incomplete downloaded file (which is not able to resume) and file with .dltemp extension -> Just copy these two files in a separate folder for backup purpose.

4. Now copy the name of the new file (of which you have started the download progress recently) and then delete this file and rename the old incomplete downloaded file with the same name as you copied earlier. Also repeat the same step for dltemp file.

5. Bravo now open UC Browser again and resume your downloading again. That is the simple tactics and your file download will begin from where your old file stuck.


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