Friday, 22 December 2017

How to make iPhone iOS 11 Device Battery Life from Draining More Faster

For those of us after our iPhone was updated to the latest Apple’s iOS 11 and since then we have been experiencing unexpected battery (power) drainage and this seems so frustrating because before now we might have been enjoying lasting battery life on our device and some may also be thinking that is a normal routine may due the battery capacity. In this tutorial will guide you on How to make iPhone iOS 11 Device Battery Life from Draining More Faster

To some who might have been having series of thought going on, on their mind on how they can resolve this issue of fast battery drainage been faced after the installation of the latest iOS 11 on the iPhone (6S Plus) and have gone series of thought but still not found any solution to this problem of fast battery drainage thereby rendering them so frustrated and making you want to change your mind on your cherished device. Well don’t be too fast to conclude because we will provide you with some possible solutions to this issue of your iOS 11 battery life drainage.

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The process involved in the checking and setting up some features on your device is very essential in this aspect as to terminate this problem to Apple battery life drainage that is to say that there are certain changes which must be done to have a long lasting battery life for iPhone device.

From many conversations I have come across in different forum, many users of iPhone have some complain about the updated Apple’s iOS which to them causes the fast drainage of battery thereby rendering the device battery life drainage not as expected. And also some report gotten so far is that users explore most of the new updated features and thereby rendering the battery from lasting long than expected from the specification of the device. To some the drainage problem is from the new OS which is making a bunch of rewriting or caching which tends to battery life shortage.

Below are the possible solution to lower the fast drainage of the iPhone battery life, just adhere to it and you will be to experiencing more lasting battery life.

Mail fail

One of the feature to note which is very important is make sure that new updated iOS 11 on your iPhone device does not render any change to your iPhone device’s Email settings from "manual" state to "fetch" state.

If  you have been searching on the possible solution on how to resolve iPhone battery life, this will help you go a long way to help your device have a long lasting battery life

But if this has been done already to resolve it just turn off email fetch from the settings and change it to manual and the essence of this, is to stop your iPhone device from automatic update of new mail messages for every 15-30 minutes of time frame.

Note: As this continue updating a new message sent to your mail box there is a tendency that your iPhone battery life is been drained thereby causing your battery not to last longer than usual.

The most possible solution to battery drainage is to disable the fetch setting on your device and change it to manual and this will go a long way in prolonging your iPhone battery life. After undergoing this setting whenever you want to access your mail what you have to do is just to login to the mail app and get your new messages.

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How to possibly switch from fetch to manual settings for Mail App running on iOS 11 version 

In order to extend your (iPhone 5s, 6s, 7, 8 plus, iPhone X) battery life running iOS 11,simply go to settings > Accounts & Passwords > Fetch New Data and make sure to swap from "fetch" to "Manually"


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