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How to Effectively View Saved Wi-Fi Password in Android / iPhone iOS

Looking for a possible way to retrieve any saved passwords from your device either Android or iOS smartphone, if that is your aim, then you are at the right zone where we will give you a step to step guide to retrieve saved Wi-Fi password in android or iOS device. Have you encounter the issue of someone connecting your device and you have search for different means on how to effectively view saved Wi-Fi password in Android or iPhone device? And maybe you want to see the password to connect other device. Just keep on reading as we will give some instructional guide on how to do just that without much effort.

Steps How to View Saved Wi-Fi password in Android Smartphones

We are going to take series of steps to retrieve saved Wi-Fi password and this involves accessing the root files of your android system data and also you need an explorer already installed on your device and I will prefer ES File Explorer for the sake of this article on how to effectively view saved Wi-Fi password in Android, iPhone iOS.


Note: - For this method to be so effectively there is a need for a rooted android smartphone but at times it might work for unrooted phone but very few to mention.

  • First of download ES File on your Android Smartphones by Clicking here to download.
  •  Proceed by installing ES File Explorer on your Android device/smartphone.
  • After installation open ES File explorer and head to Data folder -> misc folder -> Select wifi folder -> immediately inside Wi-Fi folder search for a file name wpa_supplicant.conf
  • If you found the file name wpa_supplicant.conf proceed by selecting it, then open with any editor on your smartphone, in the below image is what you will see.

  • After opening the wpa_supplicant.conf file in there you will find some codes just like the one below, you need to focus on psk because is the one that shows your Wi-Fi password.
ssid=”Your WiFi Name”
psk=”WiFi Password“

Note: - Do not alter the code present in the file else you may likely face connectivity problem with your Wi-Fi.
  • With all the procedure followed carefully, you now have the Wi-Fi password connected to your Smartphone.

Alternatively, to ES File Explorer:

You might also want to try Root Browser App if you have a deeply rooted device, it serves also as a file explorer and also using the app you can find that same file in the system directory i.e data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf and check the stored Wi-Fi passwords within this given file.

Steps on How to View Saved Wi-Fi password in Apple iOS

Similarly, to rooted Android Device you should be able to have a jailbroken apple device with that then you can recover the saved Wi-Fi password from your IOS device and below is the following procedure to actualize that.
  • Search the Web and download nifty tweak i.e. Network list from cydia store.
  • After downloading proceed by installing the downloaded app.
  • Next, after installation go to Wi-Fi settings, you will see Network passwords or Known passwords this now depend on your IOS version to be precise.
  • That just it from there you will be able to recover saved Wi-Fi password in your IOS smartphone.


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