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How to Effectively Remove Shortcut Virus from USB Flash Drive and Computer

It Was so unfortunate for me, one faithful day when I was carrying out a very serious job on my system, when am done with the work I needed to transfer it to another system using either SD Cards or Flash Drive because that was the drive present at the moment, so after copying I inserted my Flash Drive to the system am transferring the work to, but after undergoing the transfer process I found out none of my files was present in the flash drive all I was seeing was just a shortcut and this got me mad at moment that I need to deliver my services with immediate effect. In case you having been encountering same problem just as I have just mentioned, don’t bother for I will guide you on how to effectively remove shortcut virus from USB flash drive and computer
What Do We Mean by Shortcut Virus and How it can be Spread.

Whenever a flash drive is connected to an infected computer and transfer any file it automatically infects the flash drive and all files will be shown as Shortcut. This virus can affect any external storage like Flash Drives, External Hard disk, Phone Memory, Memory card or any Memory Stick. This malware is usually contacted online and is prone to spread from one PC to another and the files in the USB are transform into shortcut and this happen whenever you insert anything flash drive into your PC


How to Remove Shortcut Virus From Flash Drive.

If you don’t really have any crucial file in your flash drive you may format it but if otherwise to remove the shortcut follow the below procedures.

Step 1. Simply Go to Start and Search for cmd and Right Click on it to “Run as Administrator“

Step 2. Next,navigate to Flash Drive by type the letter of the flash drive. [For instance I representing the flash letter but it depends on your drive letter ], to locate the flash drive on  “My Computer” and check for letter, type i: and hit enter as shown on the image below.

Step 3. Also enter ” del *.lnk ” (without using quote) in cmd window and Hit Enter on your Keyboard.

Step 4. Follow by typing” attrib -s -r -h *.* /s /d /l ”  ( without using quote ) and hit Enter .

How to Remove Shortcut Virus from Computer.

If you need a double guarantee on how to remove the virus from your system, you can simply download and install anti-virus software to clean up all shortcut virus from Windows 10/8/7 computer and USB etc external storage devices. Below are some of the strongly recommended anti-virus you may try to do that for you.

Trojan Removal Tool;
Shortcut virus fixfolder;
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, etc.

Otherwise to remove the shortcut virus from your system, simply follow the procedure below:

1. Just press Win+R and enter: regedit to enter the registry;
2. Next, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Click on Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Click Run;
3. Also press Win + R and enter: msconfig > Click OK;
4. Right in the Startup, uncheck everything except for the anti-virus software;
5. Finally, click OK > Click Restart now.


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