Thursday, 8 March 2018

How to Effectively Fix Invalid Server Certificate Error in Google Chrome Browser

Have you been faced with the issue of Google Chrome Invalid Certificate Error and now wondering how you can actually fix the error or bug to experience better browsing and fast internet access, if you are faced with this issue then this platform is definitely for you. The Invalid certificate error in Google chrome normally occurs when you try to access any secure sites using HTTPS such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail etc. Note that this bug is not limited to Google Chrome Browser, it also occurs on Browser like Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer etc. In case you face this bug in Google Chrome or other browser simply see some suggestion to resolving the bug.


The notable reason behind this annoying bug in your Google Chrome Browser could be due to incorrect data and time in your computer settings. Normally whenever the date and time to your PC your browsers throw this exceptions or error to be precise while parading on a secure site as mentioned earlier. It is of great important to know that is your Desktop CMOS battery that normally keep the date and time correct in your PC even at the point of shut down. However, when the CMOS battery is dead, your BIOS settings will be restored to factory default including the time and date on your computer which will be restored the manufacturing time and date. After resetting to factory and possibly you restart your PC and want to access any secure website, this error of invalid certificate will throw up in your Google Chrome browser.

Notwithstanding whenever you install new hardware or possibly make any changes to your hardware, the date and time is changed without your prior notice and after then trying to access any secure website will throw the invalid certificate error in your Google Chrome browser. In order to fix this just change your PC date and time to the current location of your time zone and below is the step-to- step guide on how fix effectively fix invalid server certificate error in Google Chrome browser

Ways on How to Fix Invalid Server Certificate Error in Google Chrome Browser

1.If you encounter this issue simply close Google Chrome browser before you proceeding to other steps provided in this tutorial.

2.At the bottom of screen of your PC just right-click on date and time shown in the task bar.

3.Next, proceed to select Adjust date/time from the context menu

4.Next, select Change date and time button and correct the date / time and time zone according your present local time.

After undergoing the processes simply apply the settings to save it. Alternatively, you can also click on Internet Time tab followed by clicking on Change Settings and then select Update Now button. You require internet connection for this process to work out effectively.


Haven set correct time and date, try accessing the website that you tried accessing previously and to see if the bug or error was resolved.

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