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How to Download/Save Any Online Streaming Videos on the Computer/PC

If you are looking for Online Streaming videos you can find them on social media platform like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other social media not mentioned and this is a means of sharing live events online

The main problem encounter by people watching Online Streaming Videos is the inability to save them to our drive for future. Most Online Streaming Videos are must watch online without waiting for it to be downloaded to our local disk for future reference.

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In this post I will show you some steps to aid you on how to save any online streaming videos to computer/PC so that you can reference it back if the needs arise.

Ways On How To Save Online Streaming Videos

For you to watch the Online Streaming Videos over and over again you must stream them consistently and this will definitely lead to data wastage and thereby incurring more cost on data subscription for you which might not be so convenient for you.

In addition, if you are offline you cannot be able to watch Online Streaming Videos as internet connection is a pre-requisite.

Due to the limitation to the inability to download or save Online Streaming Videos some people has been left frustrated as most of the Online Video Streaming is not even helping matter, because they provide a way of saving this videos to our storage device but just relax because on going to show you how to download/save any online streaming videos on your computer/PC.
Using Websites Platform to download streaming videos

Using Online Website Platform

The most popular method you can use to download online streaming videos is by making use online website platform and the help of the platform all you need to is just to enter the Streaming Videos URL of your choice into the website and after a little while, you will be provided with a link that will aid in downloading the video.

This method is not tedious but it has limitation associated to as many platforms with provide you with link to download the videos without providing you with the necessary size and in this instance you may exhaust all your data subscription unknown to while downloading the video due to the unknown size of the video.

Another limitation to this, is that app-based streaming videos from platform like Netflix or live video streams is restricted to the download of this streaming videos. And also using this platform videos extending some range of size might not be offer for free as you may have to pay before you can download.

With the Help of Browser add-ons and extensions.

You can also achieve this aim with some browsers which present us with some add-ons and extensions which will provide the option for you to be able to download the online streaming videos.

This method is somehow similar website method as mentioned previously but the different is that some of the add-ons have the ability of scanning web pages for online streaming video content by locating their source.

Similar to the website platform this method may not also download app-based online streaming videos and also cost may also be incur to be able to download or get full access to some certain range of videos size or high quality videos. 

Using Screen recorders

One of the best way to be able to download online streaming videos without incurring any cost is simply by recording it directly from the screen without necessarily downloading it.

To accomplished this task using screen recorders is very crucial as it will help in capturing the footage of the online streaming videos while streaming online and when done streaming, you just save it to your specified drive for future purpose.

This method will not restrict you from downloading some of the app-based videos that will be restricted from the previous methods as just have to record and save it to your drive directly.

The only caveat is that you’ll need a screen recorder, software like Movavi Screen Recorder can be a big help.

The only problem is that you require a screen reorder but software like Movavi Screen Recorder could be of great help to achieve this task.

The interface is very easy to understand as it can be setup to record a particular region on the screen where the online streaming videos is playing.

Other settings that can also be made on this app use to capture online streaming videos is by setting up features such as the frame rate, audio source, sound levels and other feature.

If you are done recording you can save the video to any format of choice and watch it any time in the feature.

The presets in Movavi Screen Recorders grant you automatic optimization of your video to suite any device you are using and platforms.

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