Monday, 4 December 2017

How to Download & Install Kodi On Android TV Box and Watch Your Choice Program

In this tutorial we will be taking you on step-to-step tutorial guide on to install kodi aap on Android Box and enjoy unlimited live streams, sports, movies, tv and lots more

Latest information gotten is that there is a crackdown of people selling loaded kodi boxes, that is to say that some Android TV Box Manufacturer without the installation of the application. But don’t bother as we will give a step-to-step guide to install Kodi on an Android Box.

To install Kodi from Google Play Store all you will need is a free Google account which you acquire by clicking here and you will be able to install Kodi directly from the app store and this will not cost anything to do ( Free of charge).

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Nevertheless for some of who does have a Google Play App Store account and have not installed the Kodi Android App already, you can as well download the .apk file from here onto a usb flash drive, plug the drive into an available USB port on your box and install from that location with a file explorer on your device. Just like Google Play App Store, most Android Boxes also come with some sort of file explorer, which usually is identified by a folder icon. In this tutorial we will give you a step-to-step guide on How to Install Kodi On Android TV Box and Watch Your Choice Program.

Below is step-by-step procedure on how to install Kodi on Android TV Box. Just follow them carefully and install it with ease

How To Install Kodi On Android TV Box Guide


1 .If don’t have Google account before now just create one. Click here to get your account setup 

2. Make sure the Android OS version is 5.0 or higher so you can install Kodi 17.6.
3.Next, log into Google Play Store 

4. Search for Kodi 

4.Install Kodi by clicking icon and wait for application to install. 

5.Test Kodi by opening on Android Box. 

I believe with this tutorial you have been able to install kodi app on Android Box. If you don't know much about android box,you can search the web to acquire more knowledge on how you can explore and use it to watch live videos, online streaming,sports and some many other event.

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