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How To Activate/Setup Multiplayer Mode On PES 2018 ISO PPSSPP On Android Device

PES 2018 as one of the top soccer game which is usually enjoyed by most game lovers which has some advanced feature such as advanced graphical interface for great graphics, improvement in the commentary and also player skills and team player is not left out as it was also updated also. Before now must people has been enjoying this game on their device all alone without knowing that they can equally play with a friend using the PES 2018 multiplayer features. In this post we are going to see how to set up multiplayer mod on PES 2018 ISO PPSSPP on Android Device.

Are you still imaging on the possibility of how to play multiplayer on PPSSPP PES 2018 with your friend and well-wishers, if that is what is running down in your mind, don’t bother because we are going to take a step to step guide on how you can easily activate and play Multi-Player Ad hoc mode on PPSSPP emulator. Let us proceed without wasting much time


How to Setup Multiplayer Mode on PES Games
Step 1: Firstly turn on your Hotspot on your device and let the second person connect to your Hotspot using Wi-Fi and ensure that both device is connected on same network.

Step 2: Both users should proceed by launching PPSSPP Emulator from their smartphone, after then Click on SETTINGS>NETWORKING. Tick on Enable Networking/WLAN on The PPSSPP Emulator.

Step 3: Next, proceed to Tap on Pro and Ad Hoc Server IP Address and replace The With this IP Ensure that this steps are carried out on both devices.

Step 4: After carrying all the steps successfully both users should then launch PES 2018 ISO PPSSPP and head to the match, click on Ad-hoc. The first user should go on and create a room name and the other user should search for a room name.

Step 5: After creating the room name as the first user simply wait for the second user to search for the username of the first user and detecting the username, just tap on it to join the user and after joining each other, then proceed by choosing your team and also setup your formation and start enjoying your game with your friend.

Congratulations you have setup PSP multiplayer for PES 2018 ISO PPSSPP on Android. This same procedure also applies to other Multi-Player Games on PPSSPP Such as DLS, PES, Asphalt, FIFA, Mortal Kombat, Tekken etc.

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