Thursday, 30 November 2017

How To View Pictures or Images on Facebook with Facebook Free Mode.

Are you running out of data but need to connect with friends on network media in order to disseminate one information or the other but you are just frustrated well, do not worry so much because I have an alternative means to your problem rather solution on how to view pictures or images on Facebook with Facebook free mode.

Well Facebook free mode service is just like a bonus from network provider to their customers allowing them to access Facebook site with zero data using Facebook lite and this service has been helpful to many who may not be able to subscribe subsequently but the limitation to this service, is that you cannot be able to view images while Facebooking and this state make Facebook boring to some who are using the free mode

The network provider giving their customers this benefit is airtel and 9Mobile in Nigeria to be precise, if you are using this service and I know you are thinking on how you can view photos while Facebooking do not worry as we are going to see how to view pictures or images on Facebook with Facebook free mode. Just follow the steps and you will be able to view images while using this service from your network provider.

But before we proceed with this tutorial on see how to view pictures or images on Facebook with Facebook free mode there are some basic requirement which we must look into for this to be successful and below are some of the requirements

1. Android Device is required
2. 9Mobile or Airtel SIM card without airtime or active data plan (No Subscription existing for browsing)
3. Facebook Lite app, which can be downloaded from  here.
4. At least 2G or 3G network.
1. Download and install Facebook lite App from the link given on the requirement.
2. Open or launch the Facebook Lite app, turn on your data connection, proceed by logging in your Facebook details and exit the app after been logged in.
3. Proceed to Phone Settings>>Apps>>Locate Facebook Lite App and “clear cache and storage”.
4. Re-launch the Facebook lite app and you be logged in automatically and that will give access to View Photos in Free Mode without using data.
5. After then you can now use Facebook free mode to view images

Note: You are restricted from watching video or clicking on external links. You only have access to the Facebook properties like commenting, chatting, view profiles and other things.

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