Thursday, 2 November 2017

How to Transfer Files From Android Smartphones to PC Using Wi-Fi

File transferring is one activity that is usually carried out every day either in business or for personal purpose. Every day by day method of transferring file is been created just like transferring file between android phone to PC using USB Cable and other means are also available for file transferring but for the sole aim of this article is on how to transfer files from android smartphones to PC Using Wi-Fi.

As we all know that transferring files from one device to the other using Wi-Fi is much faster than using Bluetooth as most of us do use Bluetooth in file sharing.

This method does works not only for transferring files to your PC, but can also be used to transfer files between a tablet and a smart phone (IOS or sharing files between Android Devices).

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· You need to install File Transfer App but for the sake of this article I will be using Fast file transfer App but any other file transfer apps also work in the same principle.

· Create a server on the tablet/smartphone

Procedure to share files from android to PC using Wi-Fi

· Install the Fast File Transfer (search the web to download it) on your smartphone and proceed by selecting the file you want to share.

· Mostly a web server is created on port 8080 and the files to be downloaded on a download page.

· Since we want to transfer from android to PC, just open a browser on your system and copy the address to the browser to view the page

· Now download the files to your system

Notes: The device name and password are used when using Wi-Fi Tethering.
There is no security on the shared files so anyone connected to the network could access them. This is unlikely
Use the security setting to stop sharing after download for better security 

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