Tuesday, 28 November 2017

How To Track Your Child’s Or Loved One Activity With Snoopza Android App

Are your kid’s or loved one staying too long on the net chatting and texting and this has kept you worrying about the association your kids might be involved in or are you worried about their well-being, well I have a great news for you on how you can track your kid’s or loved one activities on their smartphone.

Am glad to introduce to you an android app called snoopza which help you to track the location, SMS, Calls and browsing history of your loved one etc.

There are some features of the app which you need to know about snoopza android app before you proceed to using the app.

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Snoopza Android App Features

Here some of the features presented by snoopza mobile tracker and I believe you will like them.

It cannot be Discovered

When the app has been installed on the smartphone it is difficult to discover and with this to remove the app from the smartphone is a difficult task and also the person you are tracking cannot find out that you are tracking him or her to be precise

You can track remotely

You can remotely track the activity of your loved one, you do not necessarily require their phone to carry out this task.

Tracking of Facebook, Viber & WhatsApp

With the help of this app you can track user’s WhatsApp, Facebook and Viber conversation and messages and you can also save media files like photos, video, and recordings which were done over the Facebook conversation.

Automatic front camera photo

This mobile tracker app takes a photo every time from the front camera when the user unlocks the screen. This is an automatic feature of the app.

Text Messages and Call Tracking
This app enables you to track incoming and outgoing calls, sent and received messages and also MMS.

Geolocation Tracking

This app has the feature of tracking the location of the device or user. It makes use of Wi-Fi signals, towers as well GPS to get the exact location of the user or device, then it delivers to your account.

Track Internet History

The app has the ability to track all website visited and also save all the pages and the information of the targeted device.

Detect SIM card replace

The app continues working even if the person changes his/her SIM card

Ability to Record Calls

You can also record the audio of any call with the help of snoopza and also save it for reference purpose.

How To Use Snoopza Android App

• Firstly you need to create a free account by following this link using your email and with a suitable password of your choice

• After successful sign up, next you have to sign in using your email and your password

• Next proceed by installing the app from your account to your kid’s or loved one smartphone

• Login into your account online and track the phone location, calls, messages, SMS, web history and so on, on your kid’s or loved one smartphone.

Haven taken a tour through all the features of the app, you can download it here to enjoy more features which we might not have listed and to also get more guidelines.

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