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How to Avoid Virus Attacks On Your Android Smartphones

First of all, what do you understand by the word Virus? The word virus in the world of computer today refers to malicious software that is capable of crashing or harming our system/PC if an immediate safety measure is not taken. But for the sake of our smartphone which work almost with the same principle as the system as the case may be can also be attack by the same virus.

The case of been attack by virus is not our main aim but the solution to the attack is what we are main to focus on today, because if this is not done on time, it may generate to other fault which may damage the device totally. In this tutorial we will be dealing with how to avoid virus attacks on your android smartphones

In case you have little knowledge about malwares and what they are capable of doing to your device. Malwares are mainly group into different types which include: Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Ransomwares, Worms, Rootkit, Backdoors etc. These programs can easily cause damages to your devices if not taken care of or avoided on time. Some of the ways your mobile phone or tablets gets infected by malwares can be through downloading doggy applications, via Emails, text messages, and through Bluetooth connections.

But before we proceed on How to avoid virus on our smartphone (Android). I will like us to know more about some of this malware as listed below for more comprehension on why you need avoid them on your device

Malwares and Their Effect On Our Devices

  1. Adware:. The least dangerous and most lucrative Malware. Adware displays ads on your computer.
  2. Spyware:. Spyware is software that spies on you, tracking your internet activities in order to send advertising (Adware) back to your system.
  3. Virus: A virus is a contagious program or code that attaches itself to another piece of software, and then reproduces itself when that software is run. Most often this is spread by sharing software or files between computers.
  4. Worm: A program that replicates itself and destroys data and files on the computer. Worms work to “eat” the system operating files and data files until the drive is empty.
  5. Trojan: The most dangerous Malware. Trojans are written with the purpose of discovering your financial information, taking over your computer’s system resources, and in larger systems creating a “denial-of-service attack ” Denial-of-service attack: an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to those attempting to reach it. Example: AOL, Yahoo or your business network becoming unavailable.
  6. Rootkit: This one is likened to the burglar hiding in the attic, waiting to take from you while you are not home. It is the hardest of all Malware to detect and therefore to remove; many experts recommend completely wiping your hard drive and reinstalling everything from scratch. It is designed to permit the other information gathering Malware in to get the identity information from your computer without you realizing anything is going on.
  7. Backdoors: Backdoors are much the same as Trojans or worms, except that they open a “backdoor” onto a computer, providing a network connection for hackers or other Malware to enter or for viruses or SPAM to be sent.
  8. Keyloggers: Records everything you type on your PC in order to glean your log-in names, passwords, and other sensitive information, and send it on to the source of the keylogging program. Many times keyloggers are used by corporations and parents to acquire computer usage information.  
  9. Rogue security software: This one deceives or misleads users. It pretends to be a good program to remove Malware infections, but all the while it is the Malware. Often it will turn off the real Anti-Virus software. The next image shows the typical screen for this Malware program, Antivirus 2010
  10. Ransomware: If you see this screen that warns you that you have been locked out of your computer until you pay for your cybercrimes. Your system is severely infected with a form of Malware called Ransomware. It is not a real notification from the FBI, but, rather an infection of the system itself. Even if you pay to unlock the system, the system is unlocked, but you are not free of it locking you out again. The request for money, usually in the hundreds of dollars is completely fake.
  11. Browser Hijacker:  When your homepage changes to one that looks like those in the images inserted next, you may have been infected with one form or another of a Browser Hijacker. This dangerous Malware will redirect your normal search activity and give you the results the developers want you to see. Its intention is to make money off your web surfing. Using this homepage and not removing the Malware lets the source developers capture your surfing interests. This is especially dangerous when banking or shopping online. These homepages can look harmless, but in every case they allow other more infectious 

            some may still ask some questions like.
·          how do I notice when my device has been eaten up by virus?
·          What could be symptoms of virus on my smartphone (Android phones and iPhones)?

That’s simple as recent times when your smartphone start malfunctioning, seriously having data loss, Racked-Up Phone Bills, Data Plan Spikes, Battery Drain, Performance Clogging, Dropped Calls and Disruptions, Unusual internet connections, power off on its own, displaying unknown apps, pop up ads showing, overheating of the phone with poor performance etc. just like we have explain before on some effect caused by malwares.

Below Are How to Avoid or Protect Your Android Phones From Virus Attacks

1. Do not Install applications from every web platform apart from Google Play Store. 
This has been one of the serious problem most android user face, installing apps from unknown source could be the major cause of virus attacks to most device users. Whenever you want to download and install any app on your android smartphone ensure to download and install it mainly from google play store as many apps available on google play are free from viruses as google don’t allow harmful third party apps and games to be uploaded to their web server which can cause harm to their client devices.

2. Try avoid using virus scanners on your device:
There are many so called virus scanner online which so many third party developer encourage device user to use and wipe off or to scan viruses on their device or which they recommend as virus detector, try to avoid most of this so called virus scanner, bug scanners and any sort of security apps, some of them may contain some malicious code unknown to the user and this may cause harm to your device as many of this scanners only scans this virus but may not even remove the virus from your device but in essence draining your battery, occupying space on your device and may even cause more harm to your device, so try to avoid most of them to stay free from virus attack.

3. Clicking on pop up-ads from unknown source should be avoided: At times while browsing the internet using your smartphone (Android) you may come across some pop up ads which will ask you to install a particular app on your device and some of this app may carry some malicious link that can render your device useless by attacking it with strong malwares unknown to you. Do not click on some unverified links which may be found in unknown emails, text messages, messages on social media chat apps like, WhatsApp messages, Skype chats, Telegram messages, Facebook messages etc. To avoid virus, verify if a link is virus prone before installing or downloading from the source.

4. Protect your android device in any way you can: Also make sure that you protect the outer part of your android device from others who may misuse your device thereby causing harm to it which may serve as loophole to virus infection and you can do this by using different tricks such as usage of security pass-codes, pin, pattern, fingerprint scanner or even face lock Security just to lock out unauthorized third party penetration or access to the device. 

 5. Due to previous point on scanners there are also other good anti-virus scanner you can also use to scan and clear off virus from your device. Some of them include:- Avast, Kaspersky and AVG etc.

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