Tuesday, 8 August 2017

How To View All Your Activity Log On Facebook

Facebook as one of the leading social media in the world with many users all over the world the essence of Facebook is to get track with friends and well-wishers around the world in the essence of doing you find out you will carry out so many activities online using Facebook like messages, comments, photo upload, tagging of photo, creating of group, creating of page either personal or for commercial purposes. There will be a time when you need to get track to some of the activity you have carried out using Facebook social media for reference purpose, Facebook has made this feature available which is known view activity log.

With this feature you can access  your post, post by others, post you have hidden, photos you've been tagged in and stories you've commented on and other features, without wasting much time let us see how to achieve this task on how to view all your activity log on Facebook.


Login into your Facebook account, if you do not have a Facebook account follow this link to create an account and sign up
Go to your profile
Next click on View Activity Log and you  will be taking to your activity log

Some Of The Act You Can Perform In Your Activity Log

In this place you will be able to view all your post that exist in your timeline
You can also view post by others
Posts you have hidden
Access all your photos like Photos of you, your photos
View all your likes
View all your comments
You can also manage your mobile app activity

Note: You can also search for any activity you want to access quickly by typing in the activity in the form provided and then click on the Activity Search icon and you will be taken to that activity if it exists in your profile.
I know that these tutor have been of good use to you on how to view your Facebook activity log, stay tuned for more updates 


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