Tuesday, 6 June 2017

How to Set Up Greenify Android App for a Rooted Phone/Device

In my previous tutorial I wrote on how to optimize your android phone or device battery life but in that tutorial I focus more on Non-rooted android device, but I feel that they are many people reading the post in whose phone has already been rooted.

Some many that has read that tutorial would have been wondering whether rooted phones has been exempted from using this app called Greenify, or is that the inventor don’t want rooted smartphone users to enjoy this wonderful android app to optimize their battery life but I tell you don’t worry you have not been exempted for usage of the great android battery optimizer app that help in the maintaining the battery life of our smart phones.

As android app user there are some many things we do with all our phones and even unknowingly their  are some many app running on the background of our device which reduces the effectiveness of our device battery life but with the help of the Greenify Android app, some of this act can easily be minimize for better battery life optimizations.

Note for you to follow along with this tutorial your device must be rooted or if your device has not been rooted you can check the tutorial on the  Procedure on how To Set Up Greenify App for Non-Rooted Device(Phone) But if  your device is rooted, then let proceed with the   setup process which is much simpler. To proceed with this but in case you have not downloaded the app follow these link to download the free version here or you can also download the pro version here to proceed with these tutorials.But if have done that already Firstly, click on the Next button.

Proceed by choosing “My device is rooted” on the Working Mode screen, then click on the Next button to proceed. The app will require for root access. Click on  the Grant button to proceed.

Once root access has been granted, the app will ask about fingerprint use and Smart Lock. If you use either of these things, tick the “Yes, I use it daily” box, then click Next.

That just the step.Click on  Finish to get started using Greenify app to optimize your smartphone battery life.


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