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How to Link a Post to a Static Page on Blogger Post

As a passionate writer you may want to write on articles that may be so lengthy but you want to break the article to make it shorter to minimize the length or to make your reader not give up base on the length of the article because some reader gets fade up while reading article that is too lengthy, this will require you to direct reader to other static page, that will involve you creating link to other static page. Creating links within new posts on your Blogger blog to a static page is one of the cool way of relating your reader to other available information you may want them to view that is relating to the topic you want them to know more about which you may not want to write on but is important to note base on the same article.

Creating links will help in the redirecting of your reader from one page to another for the search of relevant information or for the eagerness of knowing the relationship between one information and the other base on a particular topic in which the reader finds useful.

Today we are going to see how to relate your reader to a static page for more information about your blog post, there are different steps that is involved in achieving this, we are going to be taking them step by step for better understanding but before we start let see the important of linking in a blog post.

Importance of Linking

•    It helps in easy navigation

•    For easy accessibility of information without taking more strength searching for that particular information

•    To direct your reader from one web page to the other either internal web page or external web page (other website page)

•    With linking you can direct your reader to download an importance file either in google store or other website that may have the require file etc.

Now let’s proceed with how to link a post to static page on blogger, just make sure you follow it step by step and you will achieve your aim shortly.

Steps On How to Link a Post to a Static Page

1.   Firstly Sign in to your Blogger account if you don’t have an account follow this link to create an account

2. After you have been logged in click on New Post. Give your post a title and compose all the main text you want the post to include.

3. Highlight the text you want to act as the link to the static webpage. Use a complete phrase whenever possible -- words display small enough on the screen that a reader could miss a single word with a hyperlink.

4. Click the "Link" icon above the main post window. Type in or paste the URL for the static page and click "OK." 

5. Make any additional edits to your post then on click Publish to publish your post.

Note:With this steps followed successfully we have been able to link a post to static page on blogger.

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