Sunday, 21 January 2018

How to Generate Your Own Favicon Using Your Favorite Image

Some many blogger using BlogSpot or one platform or the other will want their own unique favicon displaying when their website is visited and this is a very nice idea for the uniqueness of the website but at times when you want to upload your favicon you will receive messages disagree showing that the favicon has violated the rules that was slated for favicon. Below are some of the error messages that will be display when the rules are violated.

  • Not a square image
  • File size is too large 
  • Image format not supported etc

But before we proceed there are some format supported image format that will be accepted. Generate your own favorite icon using your favorite image. Image formats that are supported include: GIF, JPG and PNG formats.

Favicon Generation Tips

 Keep the graphic simple. You don't have a lot of space to work with, so focus on the most important parts. Complex logos and graphics don't work well so make sure that you use very simple image. First of start with a square image. The favicon will be scaled to be square. If you start with a rectangle it will be distorted.

How To Generate Your Favicon

  1. Follow this link here
  2. Then you will be provided with a platform for you to upload your image
  3. After you have selected your image then upload your image
  4. Then proceed by generating your favicon
  5.  After your favicon have been generated a pop-up message will show up saying Thank you for using the Free Favicon favicon generator! Your favicon preview is below.
  6. Click "Download Favicon", download package, unzip it and then open it. Your favicon.ico is located in it.
  7. Upload the favicon.ico file to your web site root folder (make sure it goes into your root directory where your index page is located) but if you don’t know how to upload favicon to your blogger website follow this steps.

Note: Depending on your ISP and sometimes your system's caching, it may take up to 48 hours to start seeing your new favicon, so don't worry if you don't see it right away!

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