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How to Deliver or Fax a Document From Your Smartphone

Sending fax has been one of the major challenges face in most organization, due to some organization don’t accept fax via email and this has resulted to inability for many organization or enterprises to deliver their messages due to inability to purchase a fax machine per say. Some of this organization has to rely on third-party service that would not fax for you but you need to send the fax to the receiver just like the way, you normally fax with your PC.

But today we are going to see how we are going to fax via your mobile device or without a fax machine, with this you can be able to deliver a fax message at any point in time without the fax machine or even making use of PC, just at your comfort zone just fax your document via mobile device.

How to Send and Receive Faxes Online Without a Fax Machine or Phone Line

There are some apps that let you send fax messages for free but the fax is limited that is to say after sending few copies of fax you then have to pay to continue using the services. But in this instance you have to use your phone and your network provider to accomplish this task. Your smartphone may act as a dial-up modem, as I have said earlier you will be depending on your network provider to achieve your speculative aims.

This method also lets you do everything entirely electronically. Some of this apps will cost you in purchasing them but as well you can also save as when compare with acquiring a fax machine to fax your message but with these apps you can be able save for yourself. Most of this apps are sold on the store that is why you need to purchase them, with this method You can sign and fill in PDF documents on your phone and fax them. Or, use your phone’s camera to scan paper documents and fax them.

But nevertheless we are going to be recommending some of the app that you can use to fax via your mobile device without even purchasing a fax machine for your organization.

iPhone or Android Apps
If you use smartphone just search the web for the word fax on the App Store and you will find some variety of options but most of these apps are not mostly free of charge and some don’t even let you send fax for free at first trial and the few that even allow free fax pages are usually limited for few pages before you will be charge for the service been render to you.

The reason why we are recommending some of the apps is just for security reasons because you cannot just trust anybody with your personal information because entrusting just anybody with your personal information may result to some harm which may later result to regret.

For Power Users

For power users that is an individual or corporate bodies or you work for a company which requires sending some sensitive details and you are looking for a fax service to use in order to accomplish your task, RingCentral Fax which is partially owned by Cisco and AT&T, may be the right choice for you, these fax service has great securities features and also support multiple fax lines with different users.

These feature also has mobile app which is one of the nicest option you have been looking for, which will help you to fax documents at any point, or you can send faxes via email instead. It has all the other features you can imagine, including integrations with Outlook, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and you can even get a toll-free number and the most interesting part of it, is that it has securities features that would be useful in carrying out secure transaction for businesses and for individual who don’t want to be vulnerable of security issues.

You can send some few faxes which you would sign up for one of their cheap plans which start at about $7 per month to continue using the service and you can also cancel the subscriptions after a month or two, that is if you are no longer using the service.

For Occasional User

For occasional user who may just want to send some few copy of faxes most often eFax may be right choice for you. They are well known for their faxing document digitally and also has a nice mobile app that allows you in sending and receiving faxes.

In case you just need to send an occasional fax, you may also like to try MyFax, they normally allows you to send up to 10 free pages without been charge for the services render for just that free 10 copies sent. This doesn’t sound like much, but it’s more pages per month than most people have to fax per year. If you do need to send more pages each month, you can upgrade to a regular plan.

Both of these providers owned and manage by reputable large company who has been in this business for several years but may not be as secured as RingCentral but you shouldn’t be so worried about who has your personal information.

Faxing Over Email

If you are using smartphone like Windows Phone, Blackberry, Tablet or other operating system with similar speculations like the phones listed earlier, then you sign up for RingCentral ,eFax ,or MyFax and follow by using their website to send your fax or you can also use their email fax feature to also send your fax.

Note: Since all provider let fax to be send by emailing document to the number combine with a custom ending. For example if you are sending fax to 800-555-1212,then sending it via email will be in this format (the address is just for illustration purpose)

With the email feature, that is to say that any mobile can send fax easily without requiring to install any third-party app to accomplish the task.

In case you are using smartphone like Windows Phone just search for fax service that would allow you to easily send fax via email which is likely easier or you know other platform that other community user will use to actualize this, please don’t hesitate to share it here for other to benefit.

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