Monday, 16 October 2017

How to Create Android App for your Wordpress Blog/Website

App development has been the major challenges been faced with those with little or no knowledge of any programming language.Whenever you want to build app either for your personal use or for commercial purposes,you find out that it requires some amount of money which you can or may not be able to afford just to pay a developer to deliver the service to you. But with this tutorial you can build an app yourself without any stress just sitting at your comfort zone.This is as result of some developer who has been working hard to see that life become easier for mankind through their IT skills.

Just as I have written previously on how to create an android app for your blog without prior knowledge to coding for android device . Android has been one of the leading device in the market, so therefore many effort has been laid to create app for android through different platform.Today we are looking at how to create an android app for a wordpress blog/website using a platform know as is a platform which has made it easy to develop an android app with just some few steps and your app will be generated automatically for download,installation and for use either for personal or commercial purposes.


It just like the former tutor but the different is that this is specifically to wordppress and it iinvolves installation procedure through wordpress admin dashboard using plugin procedure.Let take a tour within few minutes your wordpress app should be ready for download and installation.  Plugins allow you to add new features to WordPress such as add a gallery, slideshow, etc in instance you can make your website more advanced with the help of plugins

Procedures Involves to Build App For Wordpress

1.    Go to  officialWebsite and register an account there,you can also login using your google account.
2.    Login and go to your Feed settings.
3.    Next go WordPress plugin page and download the feed settings you made to wordpress plugin installation page.
4.    Proceed by installing the Plugin and then activate it from the WP admin dashboard.
5.    Now, In your WP dashboard, click on Android and then choose your Android App Language, Appearance and then hit the Generate APK.

With the successful procedures,your wordpress android app is ready just download and transfer to your mobile device and install,you can also install it your system using android emulator like Bluestack etc.I believe that this tutorial has been helpful to you,stay tuned for more updates coming your way.

Note:You can also upload your app to google play store to make your app know to the world by giving people the access to download and install it own their devices


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