Thursday, 10 August 2017

How To Automatically Post To Your Blogger Blog

As we all know that blogger is a free hosting site for every google user and this platform is use for both personal and commercial purposes. With BlogSpot you can run your blog, personal site or your business website and in the essence of this act you need to update it constantly because you cannot just leave it blank.

As a business inclined personal either personal or corporate bodies keeping your client updated is one of your best priority to keep them inform on the latest deals, in order to achieve this you must be online often and at times you may not have all the time in the world. Due to this obstacle you may encounter I decided to share this tutorial on how to automatically post on blogger blog in order not to leave your content empty even when you are not on desk, just follow the tutor step by step and get it done within some minutes.

This normally work by scheduling the time you want a post to automatically post, you might not want to post it instantly because it may not be relevant at that particular period of time due to that reason, you will assign a particular time of your choice that you want the post to be publish to the audience. Let now proceed on how to  automatically post to your blogger blog.

Steps To Automatically Post On Your Blog

1. Firstly you have to login your blogger account and if you don’t have an account with blogger simply follow this link to create and account.

2.After you might have been logged in on your dashboard click on New Post button located on the left side of the Blogger screen.

3.Proceed by clicking on Schedule on the right side of your blogger the screen.

3.Continue the process by clicking Set Date and Time

4.Now select the date and the time you want the blog post to automatically post to Blogger blog. When you are have finished with the process click on Done.

5.Also proceed by composing the rest of your blog post as normal. Click Publish at the top of the screen. When you return back to the blog Posts page, any posts that are scheduled to automatically post will say Schedule next to them.

6.To continue the scheduling process repeat these steps for additional blog posts you want to automatically post to your blog.

With the process followed successfully, you now have the knowledge on how to automatically post to your blogger blog which is one of the cool features that blogger created to ease you the stress of posting all time. If really like our tutorial, please stay tune as more updates will be coming your way day to day.


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