Saturday, 12 August 2017

How To Add Your Website To Google Search Engine

As webmaster you will want your website to appear on google search engine whenever a keyword is typed on google search engine that is related to a particular topic which is present on your blog will appear on google search engine. With this act you will drive traffic to your website making your website or blog more functional instead of leaving your website or blog without no visitor each day.

To make your website or blog appear on google search engine you will need to add your website or blog  to google search engine, we are going to be treating the act step by step just follow the step the way is listed below.

Steps To Add Your Blog To Google Search Engine

•    Sign into your account by following this link here Google Search Engine

•    Click on ADD A PROPERTY to add your site/blog

•    After you have clicked on the Add A Property a form will be presented to you for you to feel your website URL for example

Note: If your website uses either www, http, https etc make sure you include the one that your site uses correctly to avoid error.

•    After you have added your site URL you will be provided with different means to verify your account as shown on the image below.

Note:Just pick a method that is suitable for you and verify your account. To Blogspot I will prefer to you,using the Meta tag method which is easier and faster which is the procedure that I will continue next, but the option depends on your to choose.

•    Now go to your blogger account and login

•    Go to Theme and click on Edit HTML,copy and paste the code to your head tag by searching <head> add the code just below <head> as shown in the image below.

•    After you paste the code to your blogger head tag click on Save

•    Now go back to yours google search engine account and click on Verify

Note: With this singular act you have added your site to google search engine, I know this article is helpful follow us daily for more updates.
After adding your website to google search engine for it to start appearing on search engine, you also need to add your sitemap and add your sitemap follow the procedure here


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