Tuesday, 8 August 2017

How To Add A Favicon To Your Blogger Blogs

For those of us that is hearing favicon for the first time,favicon is nothing less than that tiny image that appear close your site URL,it symbolizes your website.Today we are going to be looking at how to add favicon to your blogger blogs,it a very simple task so just relax your mind as we proceed.

Steps On How To Add Favicon To Your Blogger Blog

Login into your blogger account dashboard
Go to Layout and click on the "Edit" link on the "Favicon" widget.

You will see a pop-up where you can upload your favicon,upload it and click on save

Note:The favicon must be a square image,if you violate that rule it will not be uploaded.

After this procedure the new uploaded favicon will replace google default favicon

Note:The favicon might take some time before it will be active on your site

I believe by this your favicon must have change to your desired image but incase that didn’t work out you can try the manual procedure as given below

How To Manually Add A Favicon To Your Blogger Blog

Login to your blogger account
Click on theme and search for <b:skin> paste this code just above the tag

<link href="your-favicon-link" rel="icon" type="image/gif"/>

Note:- replace your-favicon-link with your Favicon link location

With all this processes carried out successfully,you have been able to add favicon to your blogger blog so easily.

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