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Basic 10 Useful Windows Commands You Should Know for Fast Access

In windows there are so many task you perform which doesn’t use of the Graphic User Interface (GUI) that is to say to carry out some specific task you need a basic knowledge of command prompt to perform some task.
For the sake of this tutorial we will be making use of the command prompt but if you are also familiar with the PowerShell they all work in the same principle but as I have mention earlier Command Prompt is the tool we are going to be using to cover this course.
We are going to be looking at some system tasks that you can perform with using GUI, follow carefully with the easy step by step tutorial as guideline to achieve the below tasks

ipconfig: Quickly Find Your IP Address

Do you want to find the IP address from the Control but it takes longer time navigating from one step to another but with the help of command prompt this can be done without wasting much time, all you have to do, is to open the command prompt and run as an administration follow by typing this command ipconfig and you see list of all the connected network that your computer is making use of.
Look under “Wireless LAN adapter” if you’re connected to Wi-Fi or “Ethernet adapter” if you’re connected to a wired network. For even more details, you can use the ipconfig /all command.
ipconfig /flushdns: Flush Your DNS Resolver Cache

Stop windows from making use of your old DNS server, due to windows keeps track of your DNS responses its receives and store them for future purposes but to make sure that windows is making use of the DNS servers using your command prompt and running it as an administrator type this singular command ipconfig /flushdns  and that does the magic
ping and tracert: Troubleshoot Network Connection Issues

In case you are having problem connecting to a website URL or you are having some trouble with your connections, good news for as windows and other operating system has made some to tools that help you to identify the problems that you are facing during the connections.
First, there’s the ping command. Type ping (or whatever Internet server you want to test) and Windows will send packets to that address. You can use either a name or the actual IP address. The server at that IP address (in our case, the DbencoTech server) will respond and let you know it’s received them. You’ll be able to see if any packets didn’t make it to the destination—perhaps you’re experiencing packet loss—and how long it took to get the response—perhaps the network is saturated and packets are taking a while to reach their destinations.
The tracert command traces the route it takes for a packet to reach a destination and shows you information about each hop along that route. For example, if you run tracert, you’ll see information about each node the packet interacts with on its way to reach our server. If you’re having issues connecting to a website, tracert can show you where the problem is occurring.

shutdown: Create Shutdown Shortcuts for Windows

You can use the shutdown to shutdown or restart your windows, this was normally use for windows 8 which shut down was not easy to access but nevertheless you can apply this to any windows. You can use the command to create your own shortcuts and place them either in the Start menu, desktop or even taskbar of your PC.

You can create shortcuts with your various windows to either shutdown, restart or restart your computer in advance mode. Just type one this below command using your command prompt and see the magic it does.
·         shutdown /s /t 0: Performs a regular shut down.
·         shutdown /r /t 0: Restart the computer.
·         shutdown /r /o: Restarts the computer into advanced options.
sfc /scannow: Scan System Files for Problems

Windows has included some features which help in the checking and scanning of the windows to find and fix problem and these tools are system file checker tool. If Para venture any system file are missing this tool will repair them. This tool can also fix some Windows system.
In order to make use of these tool, just open Command Prompt on Your Computer and run as an administrator and these command sfc /scannow and that does the expected task with these simple command.
telnet: Connect to Telnet Servers

The telnet client isn’t installed by default. Instead, it’s one of the optional Windows features that you can install through the Control Panel. Once installed, you can use the telnet command to connect to telnet servers without installing any third-party software.
Note: Try to avoid using telnet if you can help it, but if you’re connected directly to a device and it requires that you use telnet to set something up in an appropriate way and that’s what you have to do as previously explained.
cipher: Permanently Delete and Overwrite a Directory

In case you want wipe or delete file permanently or you want to create more space in your computer as normal deletion some files are not wipe out completely but in order to delete permanent without recovery or without installing any third-party software. The tool known as cipher can help in carrying out that task for your desire use but note use the tool carefully to avoid wiping the needed item which may result to regret.
To use the command, specify the drive you want to wipe like just like the command below in your command prompt:
cipher /w:C:\
Note: there should not be any space between the switch ( /w: ) and the drive ( C:\ ) for it to run effective
netstat -an: List Network Connections and Ports
When you type a domain name (say, into a browser address bar), your computer looks up the IP address associated with that domain name. You can use the nslookup command to find that information out for yourself. For example, you could type nslookup at the Command Prompt to quickly find out our server’s assigned IP address.
You can also perform a reverse lookup by typing an IP address to find out the associated domain name.

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Please in case there are other commands which you know which was not added please do well to join the community by discussing them please for the benefit of other community members.

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