Thursday, 20 July 2017

How To Protect Your Facebook Account

Some many people has fall victim of their Facebook account been hacked by an unknown person and this has kept some people worried because that can be use against them,either in criminal act and other issues which seems to be personal to them.By hacking into some ones Facebook account that means someone else has gain total access to the account and this is very dangerous for crime detection and other related issues.

In this tutorial we are taking tour to three securities control over your Facebook account:

  • ·         Enable login notification.
  • ·         Always check your active sessions.
  • ·         Enable secure browsing.
Enabling Login Notification

With this feature set you get notification on your cell phone as message whenever some try to gain access into your Facebook account. Below are the steps involved to set the feature up.

Steps to set Facebook login notification

  • ·         Go to home.
  • ·         Follow by going to Account Settings.
  • ·         Click on security.
  • ·         Next click on login notification.
  • ·         Then check mark your preferred options and click on save button.

Always check your active sessions

Always check your active sessions,if you notice any unfamiliar location or device,it means your Facebook account is at risk.Just click on End Activity and do not forget to change your password after that.Below are the steps to carry out this act.

Steps to check your active sessions

  •          Go to home.
  •          Click on Account Settings.
  •          Next is by clicking on security.
  •          Then click on active sessions and do the necessary set up.

Enabling secure browsing

Enable secure browsing to enable your account more secure. To do this follow the below steps.

Steps to enable secure browsing

  •         Go to home.
  •         Click on Account Settings.
  •         Next click on security.
  •         And lastly click on secure browsing and carry out your settings.

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