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How to Disable Windows 10 From Automatic Downloading and Installing Updates

Windows 10 has been the latest OS from Microsoft as of the date in which this post was written,windows 10 is a very nice Operating System from Microsoft for better user interface.Windows 10 has some features which differentiate it from the previous Operating System.Some of this features are listed below.

Features Of Windows 10 Operating System

•    The Start Menu is Back, Baby.
•    Cortana Makes the Start Menu Even Smarter.
•    Microsoft Edge Finally Replaces Internet Explorer.
•    You Can Now Add Multiple Desktops.
•    Windows Now Has a Central Notification Center.
•    Universal Apps and Continuum Bridge Tablets and PCs in a Non-Stupid Way.
•    Very strong windows defender to detect Malware

Despite all this features,there is one good features in which Microsoft did not implement in this wonderful Operating System, is the option to disable automatic download and installation of update with out user knowledge and this sometimes makes user system reboot after downloading this updates.I know you might has encounter this issue but today we are going to be looking at some of the possible solutions to this issue.

In this tutorial we are going to be taking a tour with two possible solutions to this problem of automatic update of windows 10.

1.Prevent Automatic Downloading of Updates on a Specific Connection

When you set a connection as “metered,” Windows 10 won’t automatically download updates on it. Windows 10 will automatically set certain types of connections cellular data connections, for example as metered. However, you can set any connection like as a metered connection.
So, if you don’t want Windows 10 automatically downloading updates on your home network connection, just set it as a metered connection. Windows 10 will automatically download updates when you connect your device to an unmetered network, or when you set the network it’s connected to as unmetered again. And yes, Windows will remember this setting for each individual network, so you can disconnect from that network and reconnect all you like.
Do you have an Internet connection with limited data? Just mark it as metered and Windows 10 won’t automatically download updates on it. If your connection offers unlimited downloads at a specific time for example, during the middle of the night you could mark the connection as unmetered occasionally at these times to download updates and mark it as metered after the updates are downloaded.

How to Set an Ethernet Connection as Metered in Windows 8 and 10?
To change this option, open the Settings app, head to Network & Internet > Wi-Fi, and click “Manage Known Networks”. Choose your Wi-Fi network and click “Properties”. From there, enable the “Set as metered connection” option. This option only affects the Wi-Fi network you’re currently editing, but Windows will remember this setting for each individual Wi-Fi network on which you change it. (If you haven’t gotten the Anniversary Update yet, this option will be in Settings > Network & Internet > Advanced Options.)

2. Using The Services Desktop App

To do this, follow the steps carefully that I am going to list below and get it done.
Steps to Stop Windows 10 Automatic Download and Update Using Services Desktop App
•    Search the app Services
•    Run the App Services
•    After running it search for Windows Update
•    Right click and select properties
•    Click on stop
•    Then now click on OK

This is just the little trick,I found and decided to share it with our client and I believe this will help you a lot to fix the issue of automatic download and installation of updates on windows 10.Do not forget to share with friends by clicking on the share button below and also you can subscribe to get our latest updates delivered to your email for free of charge.

NOTE:-Always check for update using the procedure above, because windows update turn on automatically whenever its receive a network connection.


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