Wednesday, 12 July 2017

How To Create WhatsApp Prime Apk Group Invite Link and The Latest GB WhatsApp Mod

To create WhatsApp with WA Prime is an easy task just follow the below procedure to carry it out 


>> Before starting to carry out the task make sure you uninstall the official WhatsApp from your enabled device
>> Search the web to download and install WhatsApp (WA) prime Apk
>> Note you must be an Admin to be able to access the Admin features, so make sure you are an Admin
>> Launch and login with your WhatsApp Account into the WA Prime App and select your region and other info required.
>> Proceed by clicking on the group you wish to create invitation link for, and then click on + (Add Member) option.
>> You will be prompted to  “Invite to Group via Link” then click on it and copy the link that pop-up. That just the trick, now can invite members

How to create Latest GB WhatsApp Mod Group Invite Link

>> Search the web to download and install the GB WhatsApp Apk free version
>> Launch the downloaded GB WhatsApp and enter your phone number you used in creating your account and wait for number auto verification.
>> You will be provided with an option to backup or you can skip the option pending on your taste
>> Proceed by clicking on the group you wish to get the invitation link or create new group if you may decide to do so.
>> Next, proceed by clicking on Menu icon and you will be prompted with Group Info click on it to proceed.
>> Carryon be clicking on the + button and click on “Invite Group via Link’
After all these steps the group invitation link will be generated successfully, copy and share with pals and carry out other acts that may interest you.


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