Tuesday, 11 July 2017

How To Create Direct Link Invitation For WhatsApp Chat Group

Invitation link for WhatsApp Group has been existing for a while now, it was one of the rank version known as GBwhatsapp mod. As the case may be, we are waiting for the Group link feature to be embedded on official latest Whatsapp apps for iOS devices like ipad, Androidand PC, Macintosh,Linux etc. Meanwhile, as we are looking forward for the official released, let us continue with the available alternative.

The Group invite link is mostly effective for mass invitation to any  created Whatsapp group, like group for chatting with pals, family members or for online networking business on social media chat platform for enquiry and guidelines.

As a group Admin that need to add members, instead of manually adding each member one after the other, WhatsApp has made it so easy that you don’t need to stress yourself anymore, all you have to do, is just to send them the group link and they will be added automatically to your group.

For the effectively usability of these feature you can add anybody whether you know them or not, what matter most is that the person you are adding has a WhatsApp enabled device. For effective publicity of your group chat, kindly share the link to different social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media of your choice.

The advantages of the latest WhatsApp Group Link invitation are given below:

    Anybody can join your WhatsApp Group Link invitation by simply clicking from any WhatsApp enabled device as far as they are connected to the internet.
Once the link has been shared to any of the social media mention earlier, each member can join without confirmation from the Admin
    Admin can also remove or block unwanted member from the group which he/she has been invited to.
This has saved you some stress, you can add any member without even having their contact on your device
  You can also make any of the invited member as an Admin pending on you.
   You can at least 256 members to your group free of charge and without stress.

Having known the basic features of the WhatsApp invitation link, kindly follow the steps to create your Invitation Link

Requirements For Effective WhatsApp Link Invitation to a Group Creation

>> Download the WhatsApp App from Google Play store for Android Users and for iOS users, and install.
>> You must be the group Admin for you to be able to create the invitation link.


>> Login into your WhatsApp Account and create a New Group of your choice with any suitable name.
>> Proceed by clicking on Group info >> continue by Adding Participant >> and then, click on “Invite to group via link” in order to create the link.
>> After the Link most have been created, you can go ahead by sharing the link to different media in order to attract new members.


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