Thursday, 24 August 2017

Android & iOS Mobile apps that Will earn you Real Cash

Today we will be looking at some Android and IOS apps that can really earn more cash for your daily spending.This apps mostly earn you some money online but if you want something physical then you can try something but I think you should try this to earn some cash for yourself.

Some of the apps we are going to be looking at today are listed below:
  • Bitwalking
  • Pact
  • Foap
  • MiPic

Do you love walking? Are you looking for Jobs when walking from one place to another? Then Bitwalking is there for you. Basically this job is based on walking from money to night! You have 10,000 steps for 1 BW$!
Just start walking to yourself some cool cash for your daily spending. Launched in September last year, it’s still in a private beta phase. That means, the app procedure might change at anytime from now,so take advantage of this now.
You’re free to request an invite to the platform. At launch, you can transfer all your earnings via your bank account.
To start earning Click Here.

This is real life cash! Pact is another platform that enables one to earn real cash but it all focuses on getting you to stick to your exercise regime.
Well, the Pact is one of the best idea of money making application. If you don’t follow up the exercise as planned then there are some certain amount you must pay as to pledge by you!

You sign up to the commitment you’re comfortable with (based around food intake, how often you plan to work out etc.). If you make them, you’re paid rewards directly from members who failed to achieve their targets.

Judging from the reviews, you’re not likely to make more than about $100 – $150 per year, but you might stay healthy and live a little longer too.

The company says the average reward is between $0.30 and $5 per week, depending on the number of activities you commit to. The amount that you stake on your own activity has no bearing on your payout.

Want to start, Click for iOS and Android.

With this app you can earn more cash for yourself and this simply work by uploading your pictures and selling them online. Each slot cost $10 I believe that is cool cash, but the app inventor may earn have of the earn as regards to his effort in building the app.

However, what makes Foap attractive is its simplicity and ability to upload shots directly from your phone from other photography apps like Instagram, Flickr and EyeEm.
Want to begin the real cash earning. Click for iOS and Android.

This is another platform of money making,with Mipic app,this almost work with the same principle just like the earlier mentioned app Foap.
You have to upload your image and then your images can be printed onto a whole range of things and purchased by other users directly through the platform.

Anyways, the MiPic is especially for iOS users but you can also the Web interface via your phone. So it works for Android now with the web interface.

The inventor of this app gets credited up to 20 percent of the sale price, which can be checked into a PayPal account.
Want to begin the real cash earning; CLICK for iOS and Web

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